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If you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact the studio, or your artist , we’re here to answer any questions you may have, appreciate you, and care about the longevity & quality of your tattoo.

 If your tattoo was covered with a bandage such as Saniderm, Tegaderm, or something similar, leave it on for the amount of time your artist advised. Generally it may be left on for 3-4 days, and at the very least 24hrs if it is not leaking or falling off. This bandage is a breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic bandage designed to allow your body to heal from the inside out while keeping bacteria, hair, etc. out. This is not plastic wrap, it is a bandage specifically designed for the care of wounds. It helps prevent infection, scabbing, and promotes healthy healing.

  •   After the recommended amount of time take your bandage off in the shower, and gently wash your tattoo with an unscented antibacterial soap. Avoid scrubbing and using items like a washcloth or loofah, instead use clean hands to rub the tattoo gently while removing all traces of blood, leaked ink and plasma.

  •  Allow your tattoo to air dry, do not use any paper towels, napkins, or cloths.

  •  Apply a very thin layer of an unscented lotion or other natural, fragrance-free moisturizer. We have aftercare

    available, if you choose not to use what is provided, things like Lubriderm, Aveeno, or Aquaphor are acceptable alternatives. Remember that less is more, keep the tattoo from drying out, but do not allow it to be greasy, too much lotion or moisturizer will likely clog your pores and ultimately conflict with the healing process.

  •  Repeat washing and moisturizing 3-4 times a day for about 2 weeks or as advised by your artist.

  •  While healing:

    • flaking, peeling, and even light scabbing is normal, do not pick at flaking skin or scabs. Doing so can result in pulling ink out of your tattoo before it is fully healed.

    •  Tattoos feeling itchy and sore are a normal part of the healing process, do not scratch your tattoo. If you must, it is recommended to gently pat it. Scratching tears up skin, which is not ideal during the healing process.

    •  DO NOT allow your tattoo to be in the sun for extended periods of time, once healed apply sunblock to your tattoo when in the sun.

    •  DO NOT soak your tattoo in water or submerge it. Baths, pools, swimming and long periods of submergng of any kind can conflict your tattoos ability to heal properly.

    •  DO NOT allow people, children, or pets to touch your tattoo while it is healing.

    •   Your tattoo is a wound. Be mindful of your environment, what you wear, and what you touch.

      Always wash your hands before touching it.

    •   If you have pets, be mindful of them coming in contact with the tattoo, and do your best to avoid

      contact with pet dander on clothing, bedding, or furniture.

  •   Your tattoo will appear healed in about 2 weeks. It will take another 2-4 weeks until your tattoo is completely

    healed and settled into your skin.

  •   If you have any concerns about your tattoo healing, wether during the process or afterwards in regards to

    touch ups, please reach out to the studio or to your artist.

  •   Lastly, us at Honey Wraith take pride and care in our craft and clientele. Please remember that a tattoo is a

    lifelong investment and that aftercare is just as important as choosing the right artist to do the job.

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